Square 3 features of all blessing… the Pets!

We have a wonderful companion in our Jack Russell Terrier, Mr. MacKenzie.

He is joined by the son and dil’s Beagle, Rileigh.

And…what is life without a great cat! We have several, but the one stitched up could be my black cat, Shadow,

or the keeper of the yard, Tony…

These little creatures give me great comfort, at all times of the day, without any conditions. They are some of life’s most wonderful blessings.

For size comparison/reference:

I actually did up a sketch of them for a birthday gift/card. For my mom’s birthday, I created a little cover for a tiny favor tin. Here it is.

See more about the little tin here (Curiosities808 blog). I call it a Film Can Greeting Card.

Now, my little creatures images are featured in color pencil and in thread!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –

alicia in Hawaii


The beginnings of my blessings…

Me and my hubby, John, are the best of buddies…and we love to snorkel. Living here in Hawaii , we are blessed with (just about) 365 days a year in which we CAN and are ABLE to snorkel. Go warm weather and sunshine!

Can you see the resemblance?

What’s snorkeling without some water and waves.  Here is some embroidery with a ‘twist’ for the wave action!

Did I mention that these are 1 inch squares?

This has been a great start! I’ve already had some fun!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii

The floss is carded…Let the ‘squaring’ begin!

The task:  Mark off 100, 1″x1″ squares on the fabric.

The Plan.

It was suggested that we mark off the boxes (1″x1″ squares) with a pencil line or a washable pen.  BUT…To get a pencil mark on this 40ct. and get it on there relatively straight and workable seems a bit difficult. I can see and locate the grain line, but to get the ruler to line up throughout the weave for a thin pencil line just seemed nearly impossible. The width/thickness of the washable pen seems thicker than one column of weave for this fabric as well. So…what to do?

Plan B.

Since my fabric is evenweave and I can rely its “40 squares per inch”, then I can … ahem…COUNT the threads. Yay.

Armed with a size 28 needle and one strand of  floss, I have started to backstitch the squares by stitching over 2 threads and making the ‘square’ 20×20 backstitches. All in white.

White on white.

Why, you ask?

I’m asking too. My reasoning was logical.

Outline it in white so that when I actually start stitching the squares, I can create any outline to STITCH OVER the white. I have no intention of leaving the framing of each square this “white on white”…

The white won’t interfere with the project stitching… I can stitch over it and it will be ‘invisible’… The markings won’t wash or rub off… It’s visible…

I started in the center.  The intention now is to stitch 4  outlines to create 4 blocks, then start filling in the squares. 😉

One down…only 99 to go! I’m sensing the birth of new countdown song soon…similar to the hundred-bottles-of-beer-on-the-wall…*giggle*

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii

This morning, simply by ‘chance’, I opened an email from a cross stitch/embroidery group and learned about a stitch-a-long that involves 100, 1in. blocks, each depicting a ‘blessings’.

Now, blessings have been keeping me afloat lately. Not exactly the blessings…but the RECOGNITION of those blessings.  And that journey started when a fellow plurker asked for people to join her with “Simple Abundance” journey. I have been reading through that book and trying to keep up with that here… Simple Abundance ~ Curiosities808. Well…I couldn’t help but wonder if the message of the Universe was to PAY ATTENTION  to the coinciding messages here…and get to stitching!


My thoughts? Well…this is what went through my head…

“100 blocks! OMG!”

“1in. blocks! OMG!”

“Blessings…Simple Abundance…wow…”

“Hey, this could be a lot of fun”

“Another large project…it will never get finished…”

“But, wow…that could be a lot of fun…”



I looked at the link provided in the email. (here it is, …don’t forget to come back here after you take a peek…)  Counting My Blessings and after looking…and thinking…and wondering…and dreaming…

I started digging. Digging DEEP into the supply bucket of fabrics. The whole while I was wondering how much detail I could pack into a teeny tiny itty bitty 1″x1″ fabric area.

And then I found it.

40 ct. fabric.


40 ct.

Only problem…I only had a 5″x5″ square of it…and I will need at LEAST a 10″x10″ to stitch in 100 squares of wonderfully thoughtful blessings.

So, needless to say, my wonderful hubby, who

a. knows how much I love to start projects

b. knows how important it is for us to ‘count our blessings’

c. is always and ever supportive of any creative project

volunteered right away with ideas and solutions! Off we went to the Local Needlework Shop, Fiddlesticks!  Where I was able to get a piece of 40ct. large enough to start my layout of 100, 1″x1″ squares to stitch 100 blessings!

(See the 40ct. fabric…sooooo tiny)

Now you’ve seen the stash…I am off to card up the threads, mark in the squares, and get set to GO!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii


If you’d like to sign up to join the stitching fun, follow the links and info on Amy’s Counting My Blessings blog.

I’ll be happy to add you to my links as well, so send me an email


or leave a comment here if you are planning to stitch along with the 100 blessings blocks!