The floss is carded…Let the ‘squaring’ begin!

The task:  Mark off 100, 1″x1″ squares on the fabric.

The Plan.

It was suggested that we mark off the boxes (1″x1″ squares) with a pencil line or a washable pen.  BUT…To get a pencil mark on this 40ct. and get it on there relatively straight and workable seems a bit difficult. I can see and locate the grain line, but to get the ruler to line up throughout the weave for a thin pencil line just seemed nearly impossible. The width/thickness of the washable pen seems thicker than one column of weave for this fabric as well. So…what to do?

Plan B.

Since my fabric is evenweave and I can rely its “40 squares per inch”, then I can … ahem…COUNT the threads. Yay.

Armed with a size 28 needle and one strand of  floss, I have started to backstitch the squares by stitching over 2 threads and making the ‘square’ 20×20 backstitches. All in white.

White on white.

Why, you ask?

I’m asking too. My reasoning was logical.

Outline it in white so that when I actually start stitching the squares, I can create any outline to STITCH OVER the white. I have no intention of leaving the framing of each square this “white on white”…

The white won’t interfere with the project stitching… I can stitch over it and it will be ‘invisible’… The markings won’t wash or rub off… It’s visible…

I started in the center.  The intention now is to stitch 4  outlines to create 4 blocks, then start filling in the squares. 😉

One down…only 99 to go! I’m sensing the birth of new countdown song soon…similar to the hundred-bottles-of-beer-on-the-wall…*giggle*

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –
alicia in Hawaii