Alicia in Hawaii…


Curios- “A curious or unusual object of art or piece of bric-a-brac, short for curiosity”

808-area code for Hawaii

I’ve learned many crafts and explored many art mediums and along the way I met people like me that make really cute things (curios) and really do well at it. Yet, we never take the plunge and identify ourselves as ‘artists’. Then, I discovered Embroidery…and with that I’ve become brave enough to shed all other ‘identities’ and am ready to simply say, I am an Artist.

Currently, I’m a thread enthusiast with passion for embroidery, crochet, and knit. I taught myself how to knit. I create miniature crochet bears, dolls, and faeries. I dabble in painting…watercolor and acrylic…and am now exploring how to combine all of it together to design One of a Kind Original Art. It’s a great adventure and a new chapter of my life as an Artist and I thought I’d celebrate by starting this blog to share ideas and meet other artist and thread enthusiasts.

Won’t you join me?