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Square 3 features of all blessing… the Pets!

We have a wonderful companion in our Jack Russell Terrier, Mr. MacKenzie.

He is joined by the son and dil’s Beagle, Rileigh.

And…what is life without a great cat! We have several, but the one stitched up could be my black cat, Shadow,

or the keeper of the yard, Tony…

These little creatures give me great comfort, at all times of the day, without any conditions. They are some of life’s most wonderful blessings.

For size comparison/reference:

I actually did up a sketch of them for a birthday gift/card. For my mom’s birthday, I created a little cover for a tiny favor tin. Here it is.

See more about the little tin here (Curiosities808 blog). I call it a Film Can Greeting Card.

Now, my little creatures images are featured in color pencil and in thread!

Your life needs fun. Go ahead, have some fun! –

alicia in Hawaii